Yesterday, I was in Kennebunkport for a meeting and since I was so close to Walker's Point, I had to visit.  There was a crowd of people, as expected on Ocean Avenue, but everyone was being respectful of each other and taking pictures of all the flowers and flags that were left there to pay their respects to George H. W. Bush.

The Cape Arundel Inn & Resort has a beautiful heart in front of their place.

And, surprisingly, there is a lot of land available right across the street, adjacent to Walker's Point, that's for sale!  For just under 2.6 million, you can get a 1.6 acre lot of land with a bunch of trees, at 250 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport!  It does have gorgeous sites and at 2.6 million, imagine what the price will be 20 years from now!  I got all this information from the listing from, Pack Maynard & Associates.  

At 2.6 million, it's more than I can afford, however, if you clear the trees and build a home, the re-sale value would be SIGNIFICANTLY more.  I suppose, you could pop a tent and just live on the land.  I'm not sure what the house is just in front of the land, but I'm sure the Realtor can answer all those questions.