If you have the chance to buy a bag of these rare beauties, don't miss out!

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The Arkansas Black Apple

It's an October tradition of yours truly to shout about this apple from the rooftops.

It's so crisp that you almost think that something is wrong and the skin is quite tart.

BUT here's the best part!

If you don't like these apples? Put them in the pantry for a couple months! They'll sweeten and soften up. A completely different and equally terrific apple in December than what it is now.

Additionally, it's outstanding in pies. You cannot go wrong with purchasing a bag of these if you're lucky enough to find them at your orchard.

I've read more and more about them recently on the internet so I can't help but hope that they'll grow in popularity and become more widely available in the Granite State over the next few years!

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