Sure, we are maybe a couple weeks away from early apples, but for my money? Right now is THE BEST SEASON to go orchard hopping!

Train Images
Train Images

Native NH red plums and peaches are now in season and the growing conditions have been ideal.

The two boxes you see in the featured image above were purchased at The Watson Farm on Meaderboro Road in Farmington.

Just 2.50 a piece and I still have a half dozen glorious red plums left from this Friday purchase. (They keep very well.)

Slightly south of this location on the same road, you'll find Butternut Farm. They're also having a bumper crop of sweet pitted ambrosia!

Another fantastic plum variety that you'll find at Butternut is 'Shio' which is a sweet yellow plum with tart skin. The juiciness of this variety cannot be understated. Make sure that when you take a bite, you treat it the same as you would an overfilled water balloon. Consider yourself warned!

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