Without a doubt, when you need a secret weapon when facing an unrelenting snowstorm AND a hectic workday? I make it a BOMB every time.

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The official name of it (in their menu) is Loaded Steak Cheese and it is just that. Packed with grilled onions and peppers, mushrooms and cheese.

The steak that they use has been raved about in many other publications and is especially admired for it's similarity to 'Steak Withs' in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region.

I've never been to either of those places, I hardly ever venture outside of NH, but as a Granite Stater, I too, give this thinly sliced steak blend two thumbs up.

After shoveling out the end of my driveway and cleaning off my car 6 (?) times throughout the day, only to return to that same driveway to shovel it out again? This $9 sandwich gives me the perfect protein, carb and veggie blend to battle through it all!

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