It was quite the hot pursuit for the Holden Maine Police Department, recently. Fortunately, they caught their subject without incident.

The department posted an image of the runner, and it just happens to be one thick outlaw.

According to the Holden Police, this cutie got away from its owner and decided to go for a nice leisurely stroll. Fortunately for the pig's owner, there was some experience with swine on the force.

Holden Police Chief Chris Greely actually had a farm in Levant a while back and had some pigs of his own, so you could say the department had the expertise to track and bring this porker home.

Chief Greely told us there was some struggle chasing and wrangling the pig. However, it was easy after that. All it took was some off-brand Rice Krispies and calling him over, and that pig was in heaven... and also headed back home.

The Holden Police were able to take the pig directly back to the owner, close the pen, and be on their way. The department even got a nice "Thank You" box of doughnuts from the pig's owner a little later in the day.

According to Greely the swine escaping isn't exactly rare. Pigs are smart animals, sometimes a little too smart. They are known for their escape ability, especially if there's any small issue or fault in a pen.

Pigs also aren't the only animal encountered recently for the Holden police.

Chief Greely mentioned several other animal stories involving the department from a skunk getting a tomato soup can stuck on its head, to a peacock wanting to get in a local resident's hot tub. He even saw a black bear with its head buried in a box of chicken before running off into the night.

As the chief told us, it's "always an adventure" when animals are involved.

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