I haven't looked forward to a sporting event as much as this since The Pats were in Super Bowl LIII. NBC Sports Boston is showing Game 5 of Celts vs Pacers from 1991 tonight!

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It is ridiculous how I 'misremembered' crucial details of this highly exciting playoff series which turned out to be Larry Bird's final team series victory in the postseason, as a player.

The Shark Morning Show's official statistician Sam 'The Stats Guy' had a buddy with season's ticket AND HE WENT TO EVERY GAME OF THIS SERIES AT THE BOSTON GARDEN.

Sam straightened me out on the fact that a pigeon from the rafters did not fly onto the court in this series. This did happen and the crowd chanted "Larry! Larry! Larry!" but it occurred in the NEXT series VS. the despicable Detroit Pistons.

I cannot wait to see how this coverage will be shown. If they have full current day analysis or,  just broadcast it, as is, when I was still a senior at Spaulding High School.

Whatever the format, I'm going to have difficulty sleeping after. This was a brutal and emotionally charged series to put it mildly.

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