One of the many reasons I love this bird is that it fools me every time I see them. Out of the corner of the eye they appear to be a flock of dull sparrows, rooting around the grounds for grass seed or, if they have a little luck, a discarded french fry.

Look a little closer and 'WHOA!', you've discovered a jackpot of buntings that are anything but dull.

If you have a pair of binoculars you really get a great look at the different individual patterns on each bird.

If you get within earshot you can hear them sing at different pitches and melodies that are uniquely important to their mating rituals. Similar to the music world, the lead singers get a lot of 'attention'.

According to ornithological sources, the flocks that are being seen in Rochester are most likely groups of females as they migrate before the males do. And this is as early as I ever recall seeing them.

Such a 'cool' bird!

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