I never thought when my family installed this deer fence back in the spring that it would result in airborne pumpkins in September.

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It makes all the sense in the world if you're familiar with the growing process of everyone's favorite gourd.

The vines of this plant grow very fast and aggressively, in a mad dash to cover as much ground as they can in the few weeks that happen before cooler weather. The deer fence just presents itself as another opportunity to grow onward and upward.

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I'd like to think that its somewhere within the magic of Mother Nature that the plant instinctively knows to limit the size of the pumpkin due to it's ability to withstand the weight of it.

This little guy is much smaller than any of its siblings.

I'm kind of hoping that we just leave it there and hang up shirt and pants on the fence to create the easiest scarecrow in the history of gardening.