Chris and Rich Robinson surprised the music world by just announcing an acoustic tour that begins TOMORROW. I grilled our in house Black Crowes expert Pat Kelly for all the inside details.

Train Images
Train Images

To be specific, Chris and Rich Robinson will be playing acoustic sets in smaller venues and the tour was just announced and is slated to begin in London on February 12th. This mini tour is called 'Brothers of a Feather'.

In just 8 days, they will be performing at Brighton Music Hall, but according to our Black Crowes expert, don't even bother trying to get tickets, they instantly sold out.

And, yes, much like the scenario in the impression I did of him, Pat has tickets.

However, don't be angry, be opportunistic! Pat says that the tickets that everyone has purchased are only good if you are ACTUALLY in attendance. They do this to cut down on scalping. Chances are, if you stand in line early enough on the day of the show, you have a good chance of getting in!

Whether Pat will be on stage as a water sommelier betwixt both Robinsons remains a mystery.

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