The New England Patriots haven't had this bad a start to their season in TWENTY YEARS. This morning, The Voice of the Pats, Bob Socci gave us an interesting double edged take on what the future could hold.

San Francisco 49ers v New England Patriots
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They're going up against Buffalo now. If they win that game? It completely changes the complexion of things quite a bit.


The Bills are at the top of the division and the division to me is STILL up for grabs. I think The Bills are vulnerable.


They lost back to back games and they won in an unimpressive way over the Jets.



But the Pats MUST take care of themselves. They haven't scored a first quarter offensive point this year.


The seven points they have scored in the first quarter have been scored by the defense. And they haven't proven themselves as dynamic enough to come back.


They haven't looked like The Patriots of the old.


- Bob Socci on the good and the bad of The 2020 New England Patriots

Yesterday's loss meant that The Patriots were winless in the month of October. I honestly have to think back to my teenage years as to when they were this bad.

But Bob's insistence that 'The Division is still up for grabs' is an intriguing thought.

The next two opponents are Buffalo and The NY Jets. If the Pats can somehow look even mildly competitive, it is possible that the resulting 4-4 record could hold some promise as they would be 4-0 in the division.

Leave it to Bob Socci to pick my spirits up out of the bleak darkness of a rainy Monday after a Pats loss!


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