On this morning's episode of 'A View From The Booth' I asked Bob for some famous names that could possibly be starting QB for The Pats next year and he was very specific. About a player I'd never heard of before!

North Dakota State v Iowa State
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There's a guy whose really intriguing out of North Dakota State who hasn't played a lot named Trey Lance who followed Carson Wentz out there and won a National Championship as a starter.


He's a young man who could be available for them and he has the skill set and the emotional and mental make up to play the position at this level.


- Bob Socci on NDSU QB Trey Lance

To say that North Dakota State University is a great football program would be a tremendous understatement. They've won EIGHT of the past ten FCS Championships and their home 'The Fargo Dome' is always packed and rockin'.

When Bob says that Lance possesses the emotional and mental make up to play here, I think he is referencing the microscope of media and fan scrutiny that comes with a passionate sports region. Those Bison fans are just as intense as New England fans and that environment is a perfect place for any future Pats' QB to gain experience.

However, Lance's predecessor, Carson Wentz, is trending in a terrible direction. Maybe with this recent development, the perceived value of a QB from NDSU could plummet, and the Pats could grab him at 15 or maybe even in the second round.

After 20 years of dominance with Brady at the helm, this sensation of mediocrity and STILL not having a solid QB of the future is very troubling. I'd love nothing more than Bob's selection to be correct, and be excited about the postseason one year from now.

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