For the first time since 2008, The New England Patriots will not be in the postseason. Today, we talked to The Voice Of The Pats Bob Socci and if he feels the time is right for QB Jarret Stidham to take the reigns.

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers
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I'd like to see Jarrett Stidham, I'd like to see what he can do with a week to prepare as a starting quarterback.


Especially against a team within the division with a good defense such as The Buffalo Bills. And if they don't play him against the Bills I hope they'll start him VS The Jets


- Bob Socci on The Immediate Future of Jarrett Stidham

This is a quite a departure from what Bob's mindset on the Quarterback position was, even from yesterday. He had previously thought that sticking with Cam throughout the entire season was the way to go.

Now that the season has all but ended and Newton's future with The Pats seems to be in doubt, the move to Stidham may be a way to salvage a little hope for the future.

I feel bad that it ended this way (if it is over) for Cam.

After the first week, a solid victory against those same Dolphins, I thought they would compete for their TWELFTH consecutive division title and AT LEAST make the playoffs with the newly expanded Wild Card format.

Alas, time and time again, bad things would always tend to happen and here we are hoping (probably in vain) for an 7-9 season at best.

I agree with Bob and I hope to see Stid The Kid starting one week from tonight.

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