Since last week's interview with THE Voice of The New England Patriots was erased by an actual bolt of lightning, we hit Bob Socci today with these 3 rapid fire questions.

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
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What is your favorite Minor League Baseball Team?

The Albuquerque Isotopes

'I've worked with so many. They were the first team to give me the opportunity to be on a Triple A affiliate. And also you have to say them because they were inspired by an episode of The Simpsons.'

How many approximate fluid ounces of Bigelow Tea® do you consume during a game?

'The question should be phrased how many GALLONS of Bigelow Tea® do I consume during a game.'

What is your favorite Super Bowl 49, 51 or 53?

'Never as good as the first time, although the others were pretty great, that first one, I think it was the best game as well.'

I can't believe that Bob cringes every time he hears his majestic 'Super Bowl Forty NIIIIIIIINE!' call of February 1st, 2015.

In this day and age of broadcasters that literally script out and memorize entire pages of monologue after games are won or lost, the emotion of the moment disappears.

My favorite play by play announcer growing up was Ned Martin who worked for the Sox on radio and NESN for over 3 decades and the genuine excitement in his voice during a walk off win or a playoff victory was so authentic.

Bob's (he told me I can call him Bob) calls have that same genuine quality.

I can't wait for Pats/Raiders and I can't wait for the next 'Lightning Round'.

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