Many decisions need to be made if the Downtown Portsmouth restaurant scene can even remain in existence in the very near future. This WMUR-TV report explains just how different things could look this summer.

As we progress through the summer, there might be opportunities for up to 70% or our restaurants to have some outside dining.


They are going to have to make the decision whether or not that's economically viable.


Valerie Rochon - Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth

As it stands right now, the only way to serve patrons legally is through outside dining.

Since real estate is very limited, restaurant owners are hoping to maximize nearby parking lots and spaces while keeping within the guidelines of social distancing as pedestrians will still have to pass by the same areas.

Utilizing a space that can hold even 20 patrons can result in thousands of dollars of business on a busy weekend day alone.

According to this report, the city manager's office will have a plan in place before next week.

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