We've reached the halfway point of my series of strange soda reviews from a 6 pack of independent glass bottle soft drinks that I bought from Runnings in Claremont. We travel to Texas this week to 'do' the 'Dewberry'. 

Train Images
Train Images

Boots Beverages from Bryan, Texas started distributing 'Dewberry Soda' just 4 years ago.

Tasting this beverage is both a delicious and interesting experience. It has a grape flavor at first and then your palate slowly realizes that it is in fact a black raspberry flavor(Which I love).

In Texas, they refer to the black raspberries that grow along the highway in tiny brambles as 'Dewberries'.

If you happen to find this independent 'brew' anywhere in your travels, I wholeheartedly endorse it's unique flavor. I just wish the bottle was 'Texas Sized' as I could have downed a quart of it with no trouble at all!

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