What a way to start the new year.  When Boston bartender Conor Gallivan first opened the envelope containing his tip, he thought it was a mistake.  But then as he counted up the amount, he realized it was exactly $2,021, according to WCVB.com, and it dawned on him the meaning and significance of the number.

Gallivan told WCVB.com, “It’s one of the most mind-blowing things that’s happened to me in 10 years of doing this.”

Gallivan says he plans to pay down the debt he has sustained in preparing his establishment for the pandemic.

Conor Gallivan wasn’t alone.

In total, six local Boston bars had a mystery tipper that night that dropped the same amount of cash on bartenders, according to the news station.

His identity has been finally been unveiled and you may recognize his name: He is Ernie Boch, Jr., famous locally for his cars and his generosity, WCVB stated.

Boch is making efforts to save the bar industry.  Per the news outlet, Boch has donated $1million to a fund called Barstool Sports, which is organized to help small businesses in the area.

Boch tells WCVB.com, “I don’t get takeout that often, but when I do, I can just see the problems that are there.  I encourage anyone who can do it, please, support the industry.”

Without a doubt, the restaurant and bar industry is going to need a lot of help to survive.

What a generous guy Ernie Boch, Jr. is.  I am sure his generosity is going to go a long way toward helping.



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