He played the know it all Postal Employee Cliff Clavin on the sitcom 'Cheers' for all 11 seasons and similar to his character, he has a great suggestion to help save The USPS.

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He was always my favorite character on that show and his accent was the only one that sounded authentic. I swear you need to be from New England to properly replicate the New England accent, if anyone from outside these six states tries it, it's just intolerably bad.

As far as his methodology for saving the USPS, I'll have to give him an 'A' for effort. Since I spent about one quarter of my life watching the failures, faux pas and foibles of Cliff Clavin, it's difficult to take anything he has to say seriously. I get the sense that any plan of his will end in turmoil.

Seriously, are you going to take advice from the man responsible for the ill-fated footwear in the hilarious scene above?

It's ironic that his other well known role is that of 'Hamm' the voice of the 'Toy Story' piggy bank. Maybe if this solution was presented from the perspective of a character that literally has an 'inside feel' of what it takes to raise money, than I'd be more willing to accept it.

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