Winter is coming.  Prepare for heavy snows and lots of storms this year.

The New Hampshire Patch is reporting that has released its long-range forecast for the area and it is predicting a very stormy season.  Whether that be snow, sleet or rain or mixed events, AccuWeather feels it will be an “active” winter season this year into 2020.

New Hampshire Patch states that AccuWeather long-range forecast expert Paul Pastelok predicts that fall will be pretty warm, and we may have a few cold spells, but the real winter season will kick off at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020.

Areas from New York to Boston could be in store for higher than normal snowfall events, according to the article.

Of course, there is the debate between the Old Farmers' Almanac which is predicting a warm, wet winter and the Farmer’s Almanac which is predicting bone-chilling cold.

I’m debating on getting some solid winter tires for my Mini Cooper.  What should I do?  It’s all speculation at this point but I want to be prepared.

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