Sarah and I were discussing the unrivaled vocal ability of Brad Delp this morning and how sad we still are that such a wonderful person and a one in a billion voice is gone.

Below is the YouTube interview that we discussed, it still seems like this interview happened a couple days ago. Hard to believe that 12 and a half years have gone by so quickly.

This interview was originally recorded on an Iomega Zip Disc that was converted to a WAV file and sent to WMUR-TV with my permission.

They had it on their website for a few days, it was taken from there and then posted on YouTube by mojorisen74 (without my knowledge or permission) but it's a nicely edited and respectful post that many people have watched to help memorialize Brad.

After you listen to this interview, you are very much encouraged to play all your Boston recordings as loud as possible!

RIP Brad

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