I couldn't believe it when I saw the words 'Fat Man TD' on my NH DraftKings Novelty Prop List. I was even more incredulous when 300 pound Joe Haeg dropped a perfect Brady pass that cost me big!

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As a former Offensive Lineman, I'm starting to feel kind of sorry for Joe Haeg.

The prospect of running a 12 yard route, turning around 180 degrees and grabbing a TD pass in the biggest game of your life, no matter how perfectly placed by TB12, cannot be an easy task.

Not to mention that a linebacker is a step and a half away from you, highly trained at the art of swatting the ball asunder.


Just to clarify, my one dollar wager was on ANY Fat Man to score a Touchdown. This means that if either a lineman from the defense or offense scored a TD? I'd have pulled down a nice $8 reward.


And there it is, the cruel and cold hard facts of my obese loss staring me in the face. In bright red font, no less.

I know that my cousin Scott and another gambling enthusiast friend of mine both ponied up some dough that really would have paid out big for this catch.

Again, I congratulate Joe Haeg on his Super Bowl ring, but I have to think that drop will haunt his dreams even more than it has mine.

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