Here in New Hampshire where I live, we haven't really had too much of a hard time finding things, except toilet paper.  (I haven't seen that stuff on the shelves for weeks.)  But, for the most part, we are able to find what we need, you just sometimes need to buy a different brand than the one you normally use.

There are a few things that I absolutely need to find MY particular brand.  Some reasons are because of the taste, others because of sentimental reasons like, my Mom used that brand so I have to as well.  Do you think that I will use just store brand cream of mushroom soup to use in my Shepherd's Pie?  No way, Jose.  (Oh... you've never heard of Cream of Mushroom soup in Shepherd's Pie?  It's delicious and adds a creamy-ness to it that you will just love)

There is also a secret ingredient to my award winning Mac & Cheese, so, if you're a m&c enthusiast, read on my friend.


6 Must-Have Brand Pantry Items



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