This is really stunning hi-def footage from high above The Lilac City. And I'm not just saying that because the guy who filmed and produced it is my cousin!

The last time I saw YouTuber John Gisis was a few years ago at my folks' barnyard at our Lapierre family reunion. The next time I see him, I'll ask him if he can please take some drone shots of that same area in Gonic, but from high above. These photos are amazing!

Captured just within the last few days, you can see not only the brilliant green from the new leaves on the trees but also many people enjoying outdoor dining at Revolution and at Mitchell Hill BBQ on Main Street.

I have driven these roads hundreds of times, yet the perspective from hundreds of feet above makes me see it in a whole new way. The small section of the Cocheco River between the bridge on North Main and Wyandotte Falls points like a 'Sharp Curve Ahead' sign directed towards River Street.

And have you ever seen a more beautiful photo of Spaulding High than in the feature still above?

Usually photos from that angle include the fountain at the tip of the triangle lawn but, in my opinion, I think it's better without.

At about 2 minutes in, I can ALMOST see my house but I think an office building is obscuring it from view.

According to his quote in the comment section, many of these photos were taken to display the new outdoor dining options around Main Street.

Great stuff!

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