The freezer-berg has split in two! Even more exciting, it has revealed a snack cup that has probably been encased in ice for years! Let's take a closer look at the expiration date.

Train Images
Train Images

Aha! Although this Snack Cup of Sugar Free Jello has only expired by 10 months, it begs the question, does Jello really expire?

I have consulted the foremost authority on this matter and I'm still perplexed as to how long this Snack Cup has been imprisoned by layers and layers of freon induced permafrost.

I suppose that all I'd have to do is buy a Sugar Free Snack Cup right now, look at the expiration date and then ascertain when this 'Ice Man' cup was first purchased.

As far as the freezer is concerned, the melting is not complete.

The ice on top of the aluminum shelf refuses to budge and I'm afraid it'll have to thaw another full day before the fridge can be brought back into civilization.

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