A new commercial for Nissan's commercial vans finds Poison frontman Bret Michaels putting a power-ballad spin 'Endless Love,' Lionel Richie's tender 1981 duet with Diana Ross. The ad campaign, called "Tough Love," is being launched with the full-length video presentation embedded above.

The spot begins with an innocent group of technicians being surprised by a huge power riff, then Michaels begins serenading one of Nissan's new vans with Richie's famous words. Later, after the vehicle goes through a series of manufacterer's stress tests prior to sale, Michaels even tries to smash a guitar on a van -- only to have the instrument disintegrate into a shower of splinters. Of course, he and the sexy engineer drive off in the black model, surrounding by a canopy of fireworks.

"Bret Michaels is a true hardcore car and motorcycle enthusiast and really took an interest in the entire development and testing process," Nissan North America's Fred Diaz said in a statement. "He had a very organic understanding of the level of testing that takes place behind the secure walls of the test facility."

The video was filmed on location at Nissan's 3,050-acre testing center in Stanfield, AZ, where temps soared to 110 degrees. Keep a sharp eye out for the Bret Michaels bobblehead doll mounted on one of the van's instrument panels.

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