Here we are just 70 some odd hours away from The Boston Bruins hosting Game 1 of The Stanley Cup Final and I have a superstitious dilemma. Is this considered a 'Playoff Beard'?

Train Images
Train Images

The hectic schedule of the work week before a Holiday weekend has left me with enough follicle maturity to deem my face as 'bearded'.

For those of you that may not know this, the most common superstitious tradition among hockey players and their fans is to grow a playoff beard.

I've decided that I'm going to forego tradition and shave it and I'll list the reasons why in one run on sentence.

It's itchy and gray and this tradition was started in New York almost a decade AFTER The Bruins beat The St. Louis Blues the first time in 1970.

I will accept the blame if the unthinkable happens, but I have made the FINAL decision to enjoy the Final clean shaven.

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