Are you wondering if this is yet ANOTHER article bragging about one of my nephews hitting vicious line drives on his way to yet ANOTHER championship? Well then, you'd be correct.

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In a baseball battle that will no doubt be remembered by sports historians as 'The Construction Championship', Budel Construction defeated SUR Construction by a final score of 14-2.

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It was a far more competitive contest than the score would indicate as Budel exploded for 5 runs (the max allowed) in the final two innings.

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I don't think I'm in any danger of getting an award for photography on this pic, but I did manage to take it just seconds before Colin smacked a line drive double into center field that scored two runs.

He finished the game 2 for 2 with a fielder's choice and 3 RBI.

These are 7 and 8 year old kids that pitch the ball, hit the ball, then field the ball like a real baseball game. The only difference is that after 4 pitched balls, instead of awarding walks, the coach for the opposing team throws to the batter.

This isn't much of an advantage to the hitter because they can still strike out.

I continue to be amazed at how many legit baseball championships my nephews have won at such a young age. The older twins, Caleb and Connor, have won two city wide championships like this and have won multiple All Star tourneys.

For those of you wondering how I fared in Little League? My one year, my team had a 1-13 record and it was the longest 10 weeks of my life! They certainly don't share any baseball traits with their Uncle!

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