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2018 seems like FOREVER ago, but I remember going to that show at the Lynn Auditorium on November 17, 2018.  It was cold, I drove down from NH alone, but I was able to meet Steve Lukather and see an amazing show.  This guy was worth the drive.  Luke has worked with the biggest names in the business and if you want to know who, make sure you scroll all the way to the end of this article for the most surprising one.

Train and I have had the pleasure of talking to Steve Lukather of Toto and we have learned a few things along the way.

1)  Luke is, above all, a musician.  Don't get me wrong, he wanted to be famous, but Luke wanted to be a musician first.  He started at a very young age and Luke is one of those creative types that couldn't do anything else.  Music is a calling for him.

2)  He has played with EVERYONE.  We asked Luke about Elton John and what it was like to be in a band with EJ.  He gave us a good answer, which you can hear in the interview here, but I bet you didn't know all the people who he has played with.  We are only scrapping the very tip of the iceberg of collaborations here.

3)  Luke is in love.  Yes, oh yes, he's a rock star, so he's had many many girlfriends, but the older, wiser Steve Lukather has fairly recently had his socks knocked off by a woman named Amber who inspired him to write new music during the pandemic.

4)  He has been playing live music for 45 years and then, like a freight train going 1,000 miles an hour and hitting a brick wall, everything stopped.  He took this time to create his new album, which is amazing.

5)  Ringo Starr is one of his closest friends.  Luke is still blown away by the fact that this guy who hangs out at his house and vice versa, was a Beatle.

One of the projects he worked on was Michael Jackson's "Beat It."  Yes, Eddie Van Halen played guitar on the track, but so did Steve Lukather.  Luke also played the bass.

Also, the guitar work on "Human Nature" was all Luke.  He worked it out right in the studio.

He co-wrote this song, "Talk To Ya Later" with the Tubes.  The guitar part was all Luke.

Luke helped the Tubes with not one, but TWO of their biggest hits.  Luke wrote this song with Fee Waybill, Lead Singer of the Tubes:

Here's Luke's 1982 Grammy award winning work on George Benson's "Turn Your Love Around."

He once had a band called the Los Lobotomys.  Kick ass guitar work with this one.

Here's the interview with Luke and Sarah & A-Train from yesterday, March 22, 2021:

And here it is.... the song that really no one knows is Steve Lukather on Guitar - Olivia Newton John's "Physical."

You'll Be Surprised That Steve Lukather of Toto Played on These Classic Hits

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