It's a sad topic, but one we should discuss.

Words can't describe how much our pets mean to us. They're our best friends, close companions, and are often (scratch that, always) better listeners than people. A pet brings immense joy into your life, enriching it for the better.

Unfortunately, when the time comes to say goodbye to your beloved four-legged family member, pet owners are faced with the difficult decision of what to do once their dog, cat, or other critter has passed away. Most people would probably choose to bury the pet on their property, but is that legal in New Hampshire?

According to the NH Department of Environmental Services, it is indeed legal to bury a pet in your yard in the Granite State. A permit is not required to do so, according to code, provided that:

  • "The person controlling the land where the animal is buried shall agree to the location of the grave site."
  • "The grave shall be covered with a sufficient quantity and depth of soil as to avoid disturbance of the burial site by other animals."
  • "The grave site shall not constitute a pet cemetery as otherwise regulated under the provisions of Env-Sw 810.08."

While this isn't a topic we'd like to think about, it's important that we gain clarity for when the time comes. In this writer's opinion, if there's such thing as a silver lining when it comes to the loss of a pet, it's that your longer lifespan as a human gives you the opportunity to open your heart to multiple animals throughout your life.

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