According to a story in the Union Leader, a crabapple tree might be taken down without the permission of the land-owner.

The tree, located on Jennifer and Dustin Heiberg's property in Candia is the subject of a court battle between the couple, who refuse to trim its branches, and the Town of Candia.

The Union Leader story says that Selectman Brien Brock sent a letter to Heiberg dated Dec. 26 informing her and her husband they have 30 days to trim the branches in the town’s right-of-way.

If they’re not cut back within that time, the town will remove the tree.

Jennifer Heiberg says the tree isn't a problem and that Town officials can't force them to do anything because the Town never got a deed for the road, therefore, it's private, according to the Union Leader.  Heiberg also says in the article that there are larger trees in town that pose a much greater safety risk and they've never been declared a nuisance.

We'll follow up on this intriguing story.

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