One of the employees here at The Shark lives in South Berwick and she sent me this picture of a girl who was driving down the road and texting while she was driving.  She wasn't watching where she was going and hit a parked car.  It flipped her car completely on it's hood!  I was told she wasn't going very fast either.

Why do people text and drive?  It's dangerous and shouldn't be done.  I can't say that I've never done it before, so having admitted that, I never want to be responsible for someone else's death.  I couldn't live with the guilt!  Talking to myself here too:  If there is a circumstance where you MUST send a text, just pull over!  Doesn't that make more sense?  Such a small thing to potentially take a life over!

By all reports, the texting girl wasn't hurt and walked away.  Thank goodness for that anyway.  She was so lucky, but imagine how sad her parents would be if she was injured or worse?!!


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