You can't blame icy roads or intoxicated drivers returning from a big holiday party, but August 2nd is the most dangerous day on the road.

According to Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, as reported by Tic Toc, you're more likely to be involved in fatal accident today than any other day on the calendar. This includes more obvious choices like the Super Bowl, or New Years Eve. The statistics are alarming. The Institute also said from 2012-2016, 505 people were killed on highways across the United States, and August accounted for 15,914 highway deaths. The Forth of July was second with 495.

Aside from the usual factors which make driving dangerous, such as smart phones, eating, and other distractions, August 2nd stands out for the simple fact the first week of August is when more people are on vacation. Hence, more cars, more risk.

With the winding roads of the Granite State, coupled with a large number of vacationers enjoying New Hampshire for the first time, this state is a prime candidate for highway fatalities this time of year. Be safe!

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