Happy Earth Day! Here's one more reason to care about the environment, especially if you are single. A new study found being eco-friendly makes you more datable. 78% of people who were surveyed on the online dating site and app Zoosk said they want to date someone who cares about the environment. Does it need to be said that 78% is a huge number of people?! Thus, if you don't care and you want to be in a relationship, maybe you should start trying to be more environmentally sensitive.

Here are some other things you should know if you're single and looking for LOVE, according to Zoosk:

The hottest way for you to show you are eco-friendly is to pick up litter. So, if you see trash on the ground, go out of your way to pick it up and you will make a great impression on the person you are with. On the flip side, 74% of the people said if they saw someone litter on a date, it would be a deal breaker. Dont litter. Ever.

While we're on the subject of deal breakers, the other big ones are wasting food and leaving the lights on. Many people don't realize how big of a deal it is to waste food. I see people do it all the time when I go out to eat at restaurants, and it makes me sad. Why not take the left-over food home? It makes a great lunch the next day. I hear people say that they refuse to eat left-overs, and honestly, I think they are arrogant. That's a pet-peeve of mine.

Leaving the lights on is something I dealt with every day with my husband. I used to joke that he needed someone to follow him around and turn off the lights as he went from room to room.

By the way, two New England states are on the list of states with the highest percentage of single people who care about the environment: Vermont and Connecticut. The other three states in the top five are Alaska, Kentucky and Virginia.

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