There is yet another mystery surrounding the late radio DJ, Casey Kasem.

The 82-year-old passed away on June 15, following several weeks of legal turmoil over his location. Questions were raised when it was reported that Kasem still hadn’t been buried a month after his death. Today it’s been revealed, via TMZ, that his body is missing.

Family sources are accusing Kasem’s widow, Jean Kasem, for the disappearance. Jean allegedly removed her husband’s body from a funeral home one day before a judge ordered her to leave Kasem at the home in order for an autopsy to be performed.

The court-mandated autopsy is necessary to continue the criminal case against Jean, who is under investigation for her unauthorized removal of Kasem from his assisted living home, which possibly led to his deteriorating health and accelerated his death.

At present time, Kasem’s body and Jean are both missing. Jean strangely put Jerusalem as her address on his death certificate, but at this time, there has been no confirmation that she has left the country.

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