She has arrived in her full splendor.

The Plimoth Patuxet full-scale replica of the Mayflower has landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, just as the original Mayflower tall ship did in 1620.

If you remember your history lesson, you'll remember that the Mayflower brought the first Pilgrims from England to the New World, landing in a spot the Pilgrims called Patuxet, now Plymouth.

The Mayflower II is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and is now open for visitors for the season.

At first glance, the ship actually seems smaller than you'd imagine, per the Plimoth Patuxet Museum site,  The Mayflower carried 102 weary but determined passengers, including three pregnant women.  The site goes on to say the "square rigged vessel is about 25 feet wide and 106 feet long", with 4 masts and 6 sails.

Compare that to today's cruise ship which is approximately 210 feet wide and 1188 feet long.  Imagine being in the middle compartment of a tall ship the size of the Mayflower for over 10 weeks while sailing, according to the museum website, then another 4-6 months while finding shelter on the land.

Hop on a Part of Our Histrory

This is a magical place for children and adults as you explore the most important ocean journey in the history of America.  I remember visiting the site when I was only 10 years old, amazed at the size of the ship.  Even as a child I recognized it wasn't that big, as I tried to imagine the living conditions during the voyage.

Where is the original Mayflower? The museum site says no one really knows.  The last known record was in 1624, and after that date, it's a nautical mystery what happened to her.

The Mayflower II is ready for you to visit, as the country celebrates her 65th Jubilee. In 1957, the replica arrived in the exact spot as the original Mayflower, in Plymouth, MA.  She now has lights and a staircase instead of ladders but otherwise she's exactly as she was, built to carry the founding members of our free society.

Find hours and ticketing at  Watch the video of the Mayflower II sailing back to her berth at State Pier here.

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