WOW! Not only are there no chairs at Katz's Deli on Ham Street in Dover, the table has become famous statewide for providing free bags of food for kids. I love this place!

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I only discovered Katz's recently after driving past the sign that cleverly read 'Fill your belly at Katz's Deli' for years.

Might I add that their cheeseburger and fries combo is one of the very best on the Planet and the breakfast sandwiches that I got today were exceptional as well.

According to WMUR-TV, this service is as simple as it is self explanatory. If you're a kid, go right in and grab a bag off this table, that's all there is to it!

Whenever I talk to Mike Katz, as I did today, I usually just compliment him on his awesome food and today was no different.

I wish I had thanked him for all he's done and doing for the children of The Garrison City, so my Chairs Up, Thumbs Up will have to suffice my next cheeseburger order.

(I'll probably be there tomorrow)

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