I get the strangest looks when I tell people about this, but it really is fun, challenging and great exercise too. Try and catch some leaves this weekend!

The winds of November are constant enough to pull a decent amount of oak leaves up into the air at any given time and they are the easiest to catch. But that doesn't mean that it's easy.

I have found that the best method is to snap your hand over them as fast as possible because they will twist and duck like a knuckleball once they get close.

If you try to cradle the leaf into your body, that is a recipe for failure. Somehow the leaf will spin at a maddening rate and you'll end up empty handed.

As you can see from the Instagram, my nephews have no problems diving to the ground in an effort to maximize the attempts at a catch. This does work. But it is way too MUCH work in my opinion.

WARNING: Once you try this, there's a good chance that you'll become a bit obsessed with it.

Have fun!

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