I usually have good faith in people, believing most try their best at kindness, but then something like this happens and it completely blows my confidence in humankind.

To the adult man riding a bike through a lot, who the heck do you think you are?  Did you think nobody would notice you slowly pedaling on your bike, and grabbing the cute little Spiderman child's bike?

A little 3 year old boy innocently hopped on his super duper Spiderman bicycle, his pride and joy, to go to the store with his mother.   He neatly parked him treasured red  "Spidey Bike" with training wheels outside the store, and promptly went in with his mama to make some purchases.

What happens next is abominable, dubious, and just plain stupid.

Mick Haupt via unsplash.com
Mick Haupt via unsplash.com

A man wearing a blue baseball cap and a black backpack lifts the bike up under his arm as he casually rides away, certainly unaware there were surveillance cameras everywhere these days.

Fortunately, the Rockland Maine Police Department posted the footage on their Facebook page and it's been trending ever since.  Residents are not happy, prompting almost 100 shares.  Somebody must know who this person is.

The tell-tale tip off would be to find that bike the person is riding on.  It has handles similar to the old vintage Schwinn Stingray handlebars, and a metal basket on the front of the bike.  From the raw and blurry photo, the bike may have a back fender as well.

You be the judge.  Here's the video.  Would you please help? Thank you.

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