In case of emergency, New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick wants to use a Quarterback that we here at The Shark are quite familiar with.

Well, I think we have Scott Zolak right around the corner if it comes to that. Hopefully he'll be ready to go if we need him. Scott's a big strong guy, I don't think it take too long (for him to get warmed up). - Coach Belichick

It was actually a serious question that provoked this unlikely response. With three QB on their current roster, the member of the press was curious as to who they'd use if all three we're out due to illness and injury.

I can't help wonder if this was just a 'misdirection play' on behalf of The Hoodie. I've always thought that since Julian Edelman played his entire college career at Kent State AS a quarterback, that the Pats have a dozen or so plays with him under center in case of emergency.

I'd like to take this opportunity to defend Scott Zolak. He is always regarded as a bit of a clown because of his irreverent fun loving nature but I always thought he was given a raw deal here during his playing days.

He was WAY better than Hugh Millen and people forget that in his last game starting as Pats QB, in 1998,  Zo BEAT Hall Of Famer Steve Young and The 49ers .

I refuse to accept that he just be used as a punchline. All hail Number 16!

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