As all Pats fans are aware, Coach Belichick can be especially sour and dour throughout the entire week after a Patriots loss. To the contrary I say! His vibe continues to be remarkably different this year.

Washington Redskins v New England Patriots
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The New England Patriots had a heartbreaking and tragic stretch of time off the field last week. Not only did Patriots Captain James White endure an unthinkable tragedy losing his Father in a car wreck on Sunday, his Mother was also in the car at the time and is currently in critical condition.

Just last Wednesday, Bill Belichick's Mother passed away and his girlfriend Linda Holliday's Father passed away just days later.

The first few seconds of this press conference are fascinating. This man has 8 rings and 305 career victories and his interaction with the modern day video conference world is EXACTLY like I have every time.

Can you hear me now? I think I just muted it, I unmuted it. Can you hear me now? - Coach Belichick

As many Pats documentaries have displayed, The Hoodie's patience with technical problems can be thin at times, but in this case his rolls along with it like a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream.

When the Coach is in a pleasant mood, his press conferences are exponentially more interesting. He still answers the questions carefully of course but the information that he gives out is good stuff for any hardcore fan like myself.

His knowledge of the rule book always astounds me as he often corrects reporters on the fly with subjects that THEY were prepared to ask about.

But still, in a softer friendlier tone.

Could it be that the tragedies of the last week have helped to put in perspective that this is just questions about a football game? Has there been a deep philosophical shift?

I don't think so.

I think that he just feels confident and comfortable with the team he has this year and is as excited as anyone to see how good they can be. That is why his mood has been abnormally pleasant since August.

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