You never know who's living in the neighborhood!

Jon Rineman, a comedy writer who's written for some of the biggest shows on television, lives right in North Hampton, NH.

Due to the pandemic, he's been out of work for some time, but has found a new venture.

Rineman tells Seacoast Online that he's teaming up with a bunch of other writers to launch a new board game.   The game is called Anti-Social Skills (which i think we're all developing right now!) and is available at

The game looks super fun. Players read cards that put them in different funny situations and then have to choose their responses.  The responses are pretty funny as you can imagine, because all of the creators are either comedians or writers.

Rineman himself has an amazing resume.  He's worked for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he was the head monlogue writer.  He even earned Writer's Guild and Emmy nominations for his outstanding work, according to 

The game is similar in style to the hugely popular Cards Against Humanity, but Rineman tells Seacoast Online that he thinks you'll enjoy his new game more:

I think the game sounds awesome, and would be an easy one to take on with friends during a Zoom call!

In fact, Rineman tells Seacoast Online, that he's planning on joining his fellow writers on some live You Tube shows to play the game.  Anti-Social Skills has it's  own You Tube channel.

Rineman is also keeping busy teaching a comedy writing course at Emerson College and as the proud papa of a 3 year old!

Definitely a game I want to check out, and was cool to see another talented person living right in our backyard here in the Granite State!


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