The Free Comic Book Day event happening Saturday August 14th at Khaotic Comic's on Central Avenue will feature visits from legends and evil doers from a galaxy far, far away.

IGN via YouTube
IGN via YouTube

Khaotic Comic's - 590 Central Avenue

11AM - 3PM

Steve Lavigne will be there signing autographs!

Generations of fans have adored Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mr. Lavigne is not only one of their best known 'colorists', he is also an integral part of the creative team that brought the 'Heroes In A Half Shell' to life in Dover NH circa 1983.

Mirage Studios, creators of TMNT, was located just down the road from The Shark Studio on Union Street.

Steve Lavigne is credited as being the inspiration for the TMNT Michelangelo(!)

In addition to Steve Lavigne, the artists and writers Sam Willis and Tre Primm from Raze Comics will be offering signatures as well. One free signature per customer, each additional will be provided for the reasonable sum of $5 a piece.

The term 'signatures' sounds so much better than 'autographs' because the flourish that these elite artists exhibit just by writing their name is breathtaking, not to mention valuable.

According to the Khaotic Comic's event page, there will be Stormtroopers visiting as well and we're not talking about a couple clowns in cheap Halloween masks. These are the real deal.

My entire life I have dreamed of uttering the catch phrase 'These aren't the droids you're looking for' and see if they'll fall for that Jedi mind trick.

This Saturday at Khaotic Comic's, I'll finally get my chance!

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