When I watch these reality shows about peculiar addictions and odd hoarding problems, I've yet to see someone with my affliction. Thankfully, I've been free from it for almost a month.

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Clothes Stacking

Mountain ranges of clothes that never get touched. Summer clothes from last decade and white undershirts that just sit there "In case I need them when I have to dress up a few days in a row".

Another dynamic concerning these pinnacles of shame are the clothes that are too big to wear. Just like my 'slightly too small' clothes, the gigantic clothes make up a lot what you see in the photo above.

After painstakingly sorting through every single piece of this pile (as well as 4 others just like it) I threw out about a quarter of the clothes that were ripped, threadbare or yellowed due to age. I think I was holding on to them because I once really liked them, but the time to move on was many years ago.

I now have two bins in the attic that contain both over sized and undersized clothes.


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For the first time in YEARS I am using my bureau! Not for a useless shelf but to store and organize clothes that I wear! What a concept!

This whole process of decluttering took about three days of three hour shifts, two new sedan sized storage bins and three garbage bags.

If you have been putting it off for years like I have, it's amazing what you can accomplish when you get past the anxiety and set your mind to completing the task, no matter how many mountains are between you and your goal.

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