It seems like the popular opinion is that the month of March sucks. Sure, here in New England, it comes in like a lion and goes out like a swampy mess with frigid nights. St. Patty's day can be awesome...but it still has lots to offer besides just that. The first of which is:

Getty Images/J. Meric

Baseball!! Just hearing the crack of the bat makes me feel like the long cold winter is nearly over. I realize the overnight temperature still dips below zero, but being able to see Mike Napoli hit a 3 mile "homahhhh" in Grapefruit league action, minimizes the agony of never-ending cold.

And in just another 2 weeks, March Madness!!!

Getty Images/Justin K. Aller

64 teams battling it out over 3 glorious weekends means me battling it out with everyone I know through 64,000 brackets. Yes, the girl in accounting will win again with her "Team names that I like" strategy, but it's still a lot of fun.

Getty Images/Matt Cardy

And finally, Fish sandwiches! The Lenten season can be beneficial to both the wallet and the Omega-3 levels of even the stingiest Secularist. Every fast food provider will have great deals and I will generally eat at least a dozen of them in this magical month of March!! Enjoy it!!