I feel a whole lot better than I sound, so I need to find something that works out of these 6 Home Remedies to make me broadcast like a Champion. Which one should I try?

The first two of these look like winners!

All I have to do is hack up a lemon and a some ginger root? And put it in the tea pot for ten minutes? After that mix in a tablespoon (or five) of honey and I'm on my way to good health? That is exactly the kind of maintenance level cooking that I can handle.

The next recipe for gargling is even easier, warm saltwater, four times a day. Done and Done.

I've tried tapping and massaging of meridian lines before for all sorts of things including anxiety and sleeplessness and it has works. Why not try it for congestion? It's worth a shot.

I'll let you know which home remedy works out tomorrow!

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