Bob and Dave are brothers that have lived together for 8 years and would like to keep it that way. They're from WMUR-TV's 'Adopt This Pet' segment and might I add, they are as chilled out as they appear.

Whenever pets are up for adoption that are a 'package deal' I like to give them a little extra boost to help out the cause.

Bob and Dave, who are currently in Derry, are domestic shorthairs. This strikes another chord with me because the only cat I've ever had (when I was a toddler) was a rotund shorthair named 'Piggy'.

Bob's resemblance to Piggy is so strong that I can't help but wonder if they're related.

If you've ever had a pet that requires daily insulin shots, you know that it can be quite a difficult process at times.


According to this write up, he accepts his medicine 'daily without fuss'. Way to go Bob!

I swear you can figure out the personalities of most pets after just a few seconds of watching them on video. Bob and Dave seem either slightly disinterested in having B roll filmed OR slightly intrigued in the tech equipment that is recording their every move.

They never seem the least bit agitated and I'm sure that the claim that 'they are sweet and great with children' is 100% accurate.

According to the website of The Greater Derry Humane Society, they are also cool with living with other cats.

If you know someone who would give these cool cats a happy home. Please spread the word!

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