Will the moon and planets align to smile for us on Saturday night?

Getty Images - Train Art via Microsoft Paint

Unfortunately, my 10 cent astronomy opinion and my 5 cent artistry talents are going to team up on this phenomenon and the outcome is almost as sad as my resulting Microsoft Paint depiction.

Getty Images and Microsoft Paint

The 'eyes' of this smile are going to be much further apart then in previous smiley face conjunctions. Our perspective on Saturn and Jupiter shows that they are growing more distant by each day.

Also, the moon, which was supposed to be in perfect alignment underneath them, waning into it's 'Last Quarter', was promised to be a horizontal crescent.


It's going to be much more vertical than the 'Cheshire Cat' that we've seen depicted in 'Alice In Wonderland'.

Is it just me or does it look more like the face of an owl?

I guess I should be grateful that we're getting to see a conjunction like this AND it'll be on the weekend so I can sleep in after waking up to see it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this will probably occur around 2AM in the southeast sky.

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