How's that for a headline? Apparently zombie snakes 'play dead' much like the opossum, even going so far as to roll on their backs. North Carolina is seeing a population explosion of these non-poisonous prankster reptiles.

Xavier Fargas - ThinkStock Getty Stock
Xavier Fargas - ThinkStock Getty Stock

According to this story on 2 News WDTN from Ohio, the 'Eastern Hognose Snake' is being spotted everywhere around the Tar Heel State.

It has been so ubiquitous in North Carolina that the State Parks and Recreation Division has issued a special memorandum to increase awareness.

Similar to an opossum, the snake will often roll onto its back, convulse, and then lie motionless with its tongue hanging out when threatened.

Other times, the snake will hiss and inflate its neck like a cobra to try to scare away predators.

Another nickname given to the snake is a the 'puff adder.' - North Carolina Parks and Recreation

Venomous or not, this thing creeps me out. We NEVER had opossum here in The Granite State for centuries and then, all of a sudden, those overgrown undead hissing rats are everywhere!

I'm hoping the 'puff adder' stays right there in Mayberry for as long as I live.

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