It's Jim and Jo Marchi, and according to this WMUR-TV report, they hold the record! You won't believe how long they've been hitched! This Friday is another amazing milestone for the charming Franklin couple.

72 Years on Friday!

They were married on Saturday, June 21st 1947! To put that into perspective, Red Sox Legend Ted Williams had only hit 177 home runs at this point in his career. He still had 344 homers to hit on the day they were married. That is unbelievable!

Another cool fact? Jim Marchi and Ted Williams are (and were) both decorated World War II Veterans.

When asked about the secrets to a successful marriage, Jo told WMUR that each person has to bend a little and that communication is essential.

I couldn't help but notice that Jim remained silent throughout this interview. I think that knowing when NOT to communicate is just as valuable an asset when maintaining a happy relationship.

Congratulations to them both!

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