Back on Christmas Eve, my cousin Danny passed away suddenly at the age of 53. An outpouring of love and kindness has flooded the Go Fund Me account that his brothers Curt and Kevin set up and this past weekend it exceeded it's goal!

Connelly Family Photo Credit
Connelly Family Photo Credit

For the past 17 days, I really haven't said much to anyone. I just retreat to my couch and think about all the fun he and I and his brothers had, spanning 5 decades.

Kevin's write up on the account is amazingly accurate and the aspect about the safety you felt in his presence was 100%.

I entered 1st Grade in Gonic School in 1979, much younger than my classmates because of an early birthdate, but I wasn't afraid, because Danny was in 6th Grade.

He was literally bigger than any of the teachers there!

But it wasn't just because of his size, it was that protective quality as well. In the rough and tumble wastelands of a schoolyard environment, it was sure nice to know he was there if any bullies even thought to give me a hard time.

Any enemy of yours was an enemy of his and that was always the case with him, be it 1979 or 2020. I loved that.

And any friend of yours would be a friend of his within seconds.

I could listen to him talk for days and I'm pretty sure that he could do just that! There aren't many people that could literally make me roll on the ground and howl with laughter but with Danny it was at least a once per visit occurrence.

Fans of The Shark remember a couple of years ago when he came in to compete in a hot dog eating contest VS. yours truly and beat me 7-6.

Train Images
Train Images

This is the picture from a week later when he took me to Flo's Hot Dogs in York. Of course he is mugging for the camera at the remarkably low ceiling there.

But now, when I see this shot, I think of him looking at the six figure haul that the Go Fund Me has pulled in already and him saying,

'Jeesum Crow How high is that thing gonna go!?'

'Jeesum Crow', that's another thing I'll miss.

If you've never given through Go Fund Me before, it's wicked easy to do and if you could give whatever you could, I'd be ever so thankful.

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