Here are the number of COVID-19 cases in NH, Maine and Massachusetts.  These numbers include the number of deaths and the number of recoveries.

According to  2,740, 4% of this number have died - 41% have recovered.

In Maine, 1,254

According to a story from WMUR, in New Hampshire, 19 more people have died of COVID-19 and all of them were residents of long-term care facilities.  In fact, most of the deaths here in NH are people who are connected to long-term care facilities.

If you think you are at risk or if you think you might have COVID-19, NH now has an online portal to request testing.  Click here to fill out an online form.  Testing is available regardless of insurance status.

I don't know of anyone who doesn't want to get tested, regardless of how they are feeling.  There has been so much information going around about how some people are immune, but are still carrying the virus.  Other information is coming at us about how completely healthy people are contracting the virus.  Now we are considering opening business and people are afraid.  I don't blame them.  I am particularly scared for our elderly population in long term care facilities.

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